7 Best Tips for Your On-line Dating Photos (with Checklist)

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Online Dating Profile Photo Tips Checklist

  • Make a folder and copy 20 – 30 good, recent photographs of yourself in to it. Make sure these include plenty of face shots and some that show your true body shape.
  • Check all the ones where you’re smiling and remove any where your eyes aren’t smiling too.
  • Remove any that give the wrong impression. If you have photographs that make it look like you enjoy doing something (such as exercising, cooking or partying all night) but you actually hate those things, remove them.
  • Do most of the photographs show your eyes?
  • Is it clear which person is you? The first two or three photographs should have you as the main subject.
  • Ensure you include photographs that show you true body shape. You can flatter but don’t be dishonest.
  • Now, ask someone of the gender and approximate age that you are searching for to choose the 7 to 10 photographs that best describe you. Have them also chose which photograph should be in the #1 spot. It may be best if this isn’t someone who would be afraid to be honest with you.
  • Upload at least four photographs. (Ten is enough.)
  • Move your best photograph to the first place they’ll see.

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