Understanding White Balance

White balance is something many beginners struggle with. The main problem with understanding white balance is that the goal is always moving – making it hard for us to realize what’s going on. This article explains white balance in photography simply, by starting at the beginning. Automatic White Balance Most modern digital cameras come shipped … Read more

How to Shoot Bright, Beautiful Photos of Snow – Top Tip Explained

A well exposed photo of snow showing detail in the shadow areas and no burn out in the highlights

Are your photos of snow gray and lifeless? Do your skiing pictures turn out dull? Learn how to make them look beautiful using this rarely used camera setting. Take a look at this photo of a snow covered path: Notice how the snow is dark and dull. But snow isn’t like that. Fresh snow is … Read more

Elements of Amazing Landscape Photography

An amazing landscape photograph by Raymond Larose

Landscapes are among the most stunning and eye-catching examples of photographic prowess; unfortunately, landscapes can also make amateurs emphatically stand out. By learning to identify the elements that go into a jaw-dropping display of nature’s wonders when captured by a skilled photographer, even the most novice wielders of cameras can capture examples of amazing landscape … Read more