How to Join the Tracks of an Audiobook in iTunes 11

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Okay, so this is a little off topic (this is a photography blog) but this iTunes problem has been bugging me for weeks. I’ve just figured out how to do it and wanted to share!

Audiobooks Improve My Photography!

Although I am comfortable in a photographic studio I spend a lot of time traveling to locations and clients’ offices. I consider that time wasted time  unless I can learn something while I’m driving. I often listen to business seminars and other audiobooks in the car or on the plane.

I bought an iPhone 5 a few months ago. It was my first i-device and so I am new to iTunes. I began loading some audiobooks on to it (I do a lot of traveling and like to listen to factual and fiction books while I drive). I followed the prompts and answered the questions that came up. The audiobooks were saved to my computer and then sync’ed to my iPhone.

I became increasing frustrated by my experience of listening to audiobooks on my iPhone. The problem was that when I stopped the audiobook and returned to it later I spent ages trying to find my place again. I could never remember the track number of how far through the book I was. I would skip between tracks and listen to various bits until I found something that was what I remember listening to last.

“Surely”, I would say out-loud, “it must be possible to have the iPhone remember the track number and position (within the track) of the audiobook that I am listening to!”.

I Googled and tried a whole bunch of things but just couldn’t get it to work. Well today I did it and – just in case it’s been bugging you too – I made a short YouTube video about it.

The Magic Setting…

Take a look at my YouTube video. It includes the magic final step that ensures your iPhone or iPod remembers where you were so that when you go back to the track it will begin playing from where you left off rather than start from the beginning.

I can’t believe it took me so long to work this out. From the time I spent Googling it seems that it used to be a lot more obvious on previous versions of iTunes – so I don’t feel so bad!

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A big Thank You for Sharing this page - it really does help us :)

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