The Photograph So Valuable FedEx Wouldn’t Touch It

A photograph of the same hill depicted in Bliss. The time of year and weather conditions make this photograph less aestetically pleasing than the Chuck O'Rear image.

Before the days of Photoshop one way photographers obtained strong, vibrant, saturated colors was with their choice of film. FujiChrome was renowned for its ability to turn a good day in to a stunningly bright and cheerful one. It was common to see photographers’ refrigerators full of different types of film stock; each with their own … Read more

Banker Turns ‘Activist’ Rainforest Photographer

If you don’t know the work of Sebastião (Sebastian) Salgado and his amazing pictures of the Amazon rainforest then watching this video is a must. His black and white images are stunning and inspiring. At the start of the video the initial slideshow of photographs of the photographer’s work shows a diverse range of monochrome … Read more

Elements of Amazing Landscape Photography

An amazing landscape photograph by Raymond Larose

Landscapes are among the most stunning and eye-catching examples of photographic prowess; unfortunately, landscapes can also make amateurs emphatically stand out. By learning to identify the elements that go into a jaw-dropping display of nature’s wonders when captured by a skilled photographer, even the most novice wielders of cameras can capture examples of amazing landscape … Read more