Engagement Picture Ideas

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Soon after the diamond ring has been placed on a woman’s finger it is time to begin thinking about engagement picture ideas. You could go the traditional studio portraits route but many couples have moved away from the normal poses. There is a shift to choosing a backdrop which reflects the couple’s style — so called ‘environmental portraiture’.

Two diamond rings
This beautiful photograph is by ilovebutter

Beautiful photography is timeless and so choosing the right setting will be forever appreciated. It will especially be appreciated as the couple reminisce back to when they became engaged.

Unique Engagement Photography Ideas

Just below are a few ways to have fun with your engagement pictures. The list is intended to feed your creativity and help you come up with a great idea for photographs to celebrate and remember your engagement.

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  • Go Vintage: Some couples like the idea of using props in photos. Having a vintage engagement picture is a nice way to go back in time, yet reflecting on the new life that is about to be formed. There are many photography poses that will be ideal while using vintage items. Posing by an antique car or posing in a garden while in old time costume would make an interesting picture. The photo can be bright in color or can be faded in black and white tone. It is a great theme for any couple who is a bit old school and prefers the era of the past.
  • A ‘Save the Date’ Photograph by Sarah Browning

    Save The Date: A current trend in engagement ideas is sending friends and family “Save the Date” notes. The idea is to incorporate into an engagement photo shoot the date on which you became engaged to be married — or the date on which the wedding will take place. Banners can be used to display the wedding date as well as chalk drawings, projected numbers, shadow numbers or marks in the sand. A Google image search will often show you examples including a highly ranked image of a couple sitting in the park on a picnic blanket with feet extended forward and displaying the upcoming marriage date on the bottom of the shoes. The same concept can be used for both engagement and wedding pics.

  • Activities: If a couple enjoys a certain activity, it may be nice to use it in the engagement photograph. For instance, if a couple first met at a sporting event, it may be a nice touch to highlight it in the photo. It will be a sign that a couple has similar interests and enjoys spending time together.
  • Family Photos: When a couple is starting a blended family, it may be nice to include all of the children in the picture. Besides wedding pics, this is a nice opportunity to join the new family and make them a part of the marriage plans. A good photographer will be able to capture the moment and help come up with unique poses.
  • Go Outside: taking photographs in the great outdoors frees you from the confines of a traditional portrait studio. Let your imagination run riot: rain or sun; beach or grass; classic backdrop or modern cityscape. Consider involving family, friends or work colleagues so you can look back and remember how they were involved in your celebration. Perhaps you have a favorite place or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? This next photograph captures a beautiful intimacy that isn’t your typical love hearts and pink:
‘The Moment’ bySean McGrath

Getting The Best Outcome For Engagement Pictures

The most important element that makes up an amazing picture is the photographer who’s taking it. It is essential to select one who fits your individual taste and also has the knowledge and experience necessary to make the shoot a success. A typical couple may not know the intricacies involved with taking a picture but working with a professional whose work you love will normally result in images that you’ll enjoy for years to come. The local area knowledge that professionals often bring can result in them taking you to beautiful locations − both indoors and outside − that you’d never have thought of.

When choosing a spot, it is important to be open to using all types of backgrounds including nature. This can be a beautiful backdrop but also comes without rules. Some of the best nature engagement pictures are not totally planned. If you are rigid about exactly what you want it may be better to stick with a studio setting where the photographer has more control over the lighting.

There are a great number of photography poses to consider as well. Allowing your photographer to take both traditional and candid pictures will give you more choice. It will allow you the option of sending the more traditional pictures to those family and friends who will prefer them.

Even though you may have a specific idea as to what you want your pictures to look like, taking different shots may lead to broader opportunities to get the best picture. It is wise to wear solid color clothes in the picture. The camera dislikes wild patterns and they often detract from the faces of the subjects being photographed. Talk to your photographer about this. They may also prefer you to avoid bright white fabrics or dark materials as these can cause technical difficulties when printing the photograph to paper or canvas.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to engagement picture ideas. A couple can either opt for a traditional picture or can chose to participate in a less formal shoot. Beautiful photography has no limitations and will always stand the test of time, especially when the couple loves the picture. It is always best to incorporate individual personality into the picture, since it will show through and be a representation of the couple to friends and family.

A big Thank You for Sharing this page - it really does help us :)

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