Business Owners: Beware This Facebook Error

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Facebook Business Page vs Facebook Personal Profile

If you make money from photography (or plan to at some point in the future) you need to ensure that you are not making this common error on Facebook.

If you are, your account risks being deleted by Facebook.

Getting your account deleted could result in a significant drop in income for many photographers. This is particularly true for wedding & portrait photographers who often obtain a lot of their leads from social media.

Facebook Business Page or Personal Profile


Are you safe?

Answer this question:
How many different email addresses do you use to log-on to facebook?

Is it 0, 1 or more?

You’re missing out on an incredible advertising medium. As a photographer it’s possible to obtain a huge number of leads using Facebook Advertising. Subscribe to my business newsletter and email me (just reply to the first email you receive) to let me know that you’re interested in promoting your business with Facebook. I’ll send you some tips.

Excellent. That’s perfect: you should have only one facebook log-on. Take a look at the image. Your facebook menu bar should look like that (as at June 2016). Your name at the top—that’s where you go to share things with your family and friends. And a menu item further down with the name of your Business Page—the place you go to promote your photographic services, post special offers and upload your photography for Facebook sharing).

Ah. Okay. So you log-on using one email address to check your real friends/family. Then you log-off (or use a different computer) to access your Facebook Business account? If you do you could be breaking Facebook’s terms and conditions. If they catch you, they are likely to delete your account.

You can fix this but acting quickly is a good idea (before facebook find you).

Check out this video for some more information. Ensure that you are definitely converting your business profile in to a Facebook Page. If you make the mistake of converting your own personal profile (the one with your true family and friends in it) there’s no way to turn back. You’d have to start over!

Watch this video

If first became aware of this issue several years ago. I’m astounded that Facebook don’t make it more clear on the sign-up page so that small business owners stop making this easy mistake. Here’s the link mentioned in the video: Create a Page

A big Thank You for Sharing this page - it really does help us :)

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