How to Make Your Own Cheap and Easy Tripod

Thumbnail of YouTube video

You want to reduce camera shake but you don’t have a tripod with you. This clever home-made device will greatly reduce camera shake, costs next to nothing and is very portable.

YouTube user chuvak1 shows you how to make your own “tripod” using everyday items. Okay, it’s not actually a tripod. The video maker calls it an ‘image stabilizer’ and that’s a great word for it. It helps you to reduce camera shake using simple cheap, everyday items that you can pick up from any hardware store.

How To Make It Work

A point to reinforce is that to make this work correctly you need to gently but firmly pull upwards as you hold the camera. The tension is what stabilizes the camera and reduces camera shake. Don’t pull too hard though—you don’t want to snap the string.

If you go ahead and make this, please tell us how well it works in the comments section below.