10 Funny Signs

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As a little light relief from your reading, check out these funny signs…


What is this person doing?

A funny sign showing what appears to be someone watching a woman through a hole in a wall. The caption reads "Toilet". (http://www.flickr.com/photos/44638831@N05/6633853571/)
KohChang_2011Nov-06 by AdiMeyerhofer (Flickr)


A "No Entry" sign that's be adapted to show a man being dragged off by a crocodile. The sign reads "DO NOT ENTER - If the fall does not kill you the crocodile will."
Image Attribution: Funny crocodile sign by cimexus


Sign reads "Have an extreme 3way with us"
Image Attribution: 3 way by w.marsh


Image Attribution: Enough said!!! by James


A professional sign reading "ACME" which has been graffitied with SM - reading (phonetically) Smack Me!
Image Attribution: Smack Me! by Jackie


Image Attribution: funny road sign by savageblackout


Image Attribution: Dog Sh*t by Robin Corps


The sign reads 'Beware of the trains' and is immediately in front of a large train
Image Attribution: Beware of the trains by nicolayeeles


The sign is a no diving sign - immediately in front of a large expanse of sand. The image title is 'Needless prohibition'.
Image Attribution: needless prohibition by sethoscope


The sign reads "Rattlesnakes only beyond this point".
Image Attribution: Funny sign by Mia & Steve mestdagh


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