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This website is dedicated to helping you become a better photographer. As more and more articles are written and more people like you share their experiences this site will become a value source of inspiration as well as a place to come for tutorials and photography tips.

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Here are some of the articles and topics we have on this site … and more are being added all the time:


Secret #4 of my ‘Seven Secrets to STUNNING Photography’ is composition. Of all the photography skills composition seems to be one that most people struggle with but the great thing about composition is that you can learn it. It is not a gift you’re either born with or not. Composition is about arranging subjects within a frame in a manner that either pleases the viewer or causes the emotional reaction you intended. Composition is something the human race has been studying for over one thousand years – so we’ve learned plenty to bring you these photo composition tips and help you master the art. Sometimes all you need to change your photograph from something hum-drum to something great is the right photo cropping. Other times the Rule of Thirds will come to your aid. More advanced use of color, line, form, shape can all be used to construct an amazing image. As you learn the rules of composition they will become part of your set of skills. The best way to learn is from example.


Choosing the right piece of gear can make all the difference in the world to your photography. Before you buy any piece of equipment it’s a good idea to research the product well so that you know what you’re getting, know its limitations and find out if there’s something that can do the job better – or cheaper. Sometimes you don’t even need to pay a penny for your equipment – some useful gear can be made at home and carried around in your pocket to be used in a moments notice.

In this section you’ll find news and reviews of the equipment every photographer needs. Plus cool kit that will make you go ‘wow!’


Need to know the basics like what ‘Layers’ are? Or how to make a woman’s skin looks beautiful? Or maybe you want something more advanced. Here’s the place to come to learn about using Photoshop. But it’s not just about Photoshop — we will have GIMP tutorials too and Pixlr for quick, free online image editing when it’s just not worth firing up Photoshop.


So you want to improve your photography? Over the coming months we’ll add more and more tutorials. Some we’ll share from YouTube, others will be unique to us using expert photographers to share their knowledge. There will be everything from photography tips for beginners to expert photo techniques. Our current goal is to reach 100 tutorials – Like us on Facebook to find out when the next one is uploaded.

Visit this section for free photography tutorials…


We’ve all see photoshopped pictures that amaze us. Come here to learn cool camera effects that don’t necessarily need Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or other special effects software. Now when we say ‘special effects’ we don’t always mean tacky, overdone effects. Some of the best effects are those where you can’t quite see what’s been done. The natural look is often more effective than obvious and we’ll be bring you examples of work that hits the spot for creativity.

Come here to feed your imagination! Get inspiration from the work of other artists and photographers. To help you immerse yourself in photography and art I am pulling together as many pages as I can of fantastic photography. Whether you’re looking for cool photography ideas, portrait poses or ideas for photography projects; to view the works of contemporary photographers or masters from the past – this section of the website will feed your mind. As I add to the collection you’ll see plenty to give you photography project ideas. If you join my email list you’ll be notified when I’ve found something interesting. Be the first to see what I’d discovered.

Visit this section to see the work of inspirational photographers to help you get ideas

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