Discover the Stunning Fine Art Nude Photography of Steve Richard

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Watch Steve Richard in Action

This video shows Steve Richard in the process of photographing female models under water in a pool built inside his studio. Technically, it’s brilliant. His attention to detail is astonishing — listen as he describes how long it takes him to create just one good image!

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It is evident that Steve Richard deserves to be featured in the Inspirational Photography section of this site. His fine art nude work is tasteful, beautifully composed and technically brilliant. A great deal of what is often called ‘contemporary art photography’ is not art at all. Many so called ‘fine art photographers’ dress soft porn as something deeper. Or show a total lack of knowledge of classical composition in their efforts. Steve Richard’s is not like that at all. His work gently whispers style and class.

Steve Richard distinguishes himself from the crowd by not going for the obvious. His posing is considered. His lighting refined. His technical mastery superb.


A big Thank You for Sharing this page - it really does help us :)

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