Discover the Stunning Fine Art Nude Photography of Steve Richard

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Impressive Contemporary Art Photography

Fine Art Photographer Steve Richard's image showing a nude tastefully draped in sheet of very long dark red fabric.

From “Beauty and Form” — exquisite, isn’t it.

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In a series called ‘Scratching the Surface’ (which no longer appears in his on-line portfolio but examples can be found with via a Google search) Steve Richard shows exquisite use of timing to create often inexplicably posed fine art nude figures. Figures dancing across a delicate water surface, skimming tiny water droplets with their feet to produce dynamic drama.

This work has been developed over the past few years and evolved in to his current portfolio.

This image from his “Beauty and Form” series (links at the end of this article) shows his mastery of delicate, form hugging, textured lighting. Steve Richard says his images rarely have “post production” (eg Photoshop) techniques applied to them — which gives you an idea about how much time it took to get the folds in that fabric looking just right.


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