Discover the Stunning Fine Art Nude Photography of Steve Richard

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Steve Richard — Fine Art Photographer

It is rare that I use the term ‘fine art photographer‘. Most photography is not art – no matter how ferociously many photographers may argue for their work. Steve Richard is an artist. His media is not paint but the digital image sensor of a modern digital camera. As a contemporary fine art photographer his work is beautiful, considered and technically excellent. His work is impressive.

Good photography is all around us: in magazines, on billboards and at art galleries.

“World Class” photography is rare. Steve Richard’s work is world class.

Want to Know More?

Do You Want to Take Fine Art Nudes?

Three years ago, inspired by the work of Steve Richard, James Somerset (qualified photographer and the author of the Top 3 Most Read Articles on the Photography Insider Info blog) began working with Fine Art Nude photography. Three years later and he’s teaching what he’s learned.

This is Fine Art Nudes on a Budget — using nature’s free studio and free, local models!

  • Fine art nude tutorials — using outdoor locations (aka free studios!)
  • Posing guides — make your models look their best
  • Lighting demonstrations — work with natural daylight to make nudes look beautiful
  • How to get local models — for free!
  • Photoshop techniques for fine art nude work
  • Location finding tips
  • Legal information — helping you avoid problems both during and after your shoot
  • Photographer of the Month — inspiration, ideas, information (often with interviews)
  • “How to” Videos — shortcut your way to stunning images
  • Readers’ photographs — feedback and improvement suggestions

Take a look here: Fine Art Nude Photography Newsletter.

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